Andrew Germanovich, D.O.

Andrew Germanovich, D.O.


Pain Management - Board Certified (ABA)
Anesthesiology - Board Certified (ABA)


  • University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA, Pain Medicine Fellowship
  • Advocate IMMC; Resident and Chief Resident in Anesthesiology (Chicago)
  • Advocate IMMC/Midwestern; Traditional Rotating Internship (Chicago)
  • Midwestern University, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (IL)


English, Ukranian, Russian, Polish, German, Spanish

Dr. Germanovich strongly believes in treatment partnerships and value driven patient care. Every decision is mutual, well-informed and patient – centered. He uses a multi-modal treatment approach for every patient starting with therapeutic exercises, manual manipulation, heel lifts, aqua therapy and medications.

If basic treatments fail, Dr. Germanovich utilizes precise spine, joint, tissue and nerve injections using ultrasound, fluoroscopy and CT guidance. For complex clinical pain syndromes, he may implant spinal cord stimulation and intrathecal drug delivery systems. He has particular interests in postural biomechanics and musculoskeletal pain due to spinal and pelvic misalignment in conditions such as short leg syndrome or psoas syndrome.

He is an expert on chest wall pain due to slipped rib syndrome. In addition to his traditional medical education, Dr. Germanovich utilizes osteopathic manual techniques for an accurate diagnoses and effective treatment.

In his office, he also offers IV infusion therapies, which include high grade FDA-approved multivitamins, ultra high dose Vitamin C for skin rejuvenation and cancer prevention, Glutathione Infusion for treatment of heavy metal toxicity, infertility, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease, lidocaine and ketamine for fibromyalgia and other causes of diffuse chronic pain.